Executive Council

Roberto Poli (University of Trento) - President

"I am working on three main topics, namely: 1)The category of person and the theory of values; 2) Ontology, in both its traditional, philosophical, acceptation and the new, computer-based acceptation;3) The category of the future and in particular the theory of anticipatory system.From my own perspective point, these three topics are mutually interrelated and are but different sides of a unique categorical framework. Unfortunately, however, mainstream wisdom assigns them to different disciplinary fields. In order to better counteract the unwelcome consequences of this highly unfortunate situation, I am starting to address the problem of developing a synthetic methodology, able to go beyond the limitations of the otherwise much needed analytic decompositions of the whole of reality into smaller and smaller fragments"

University of Trento
Department of Sociology and Social Research
41, Venice sq
38100 Trento (Italy)
Editor-in-chief of Axiomathes, Springer.
Mitteleuropa Foundation: http://www.mitteleuropafoundation.org/

Carlo Scognamiglio (University of Rome La Sapienza) - Secretary and Tresaurer

Carlo Scognamiglio is Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". In 2003 he worked on a research project on ontologies and information systems in CNR (National Research Council - Rome). In 2004 he obtained the qualification for teaching Philosophy and Human Sciences in High School and he still teaches these subjects. In 2010 he discussed his PhD thesis in Rome. He is the responsible of the Giovanni Gentile Foundation. His studies focus mainly on the thought of N. Hartmann, G. W. F. Hegel, B. Croce

Università di Roma La Sapienza
Facoltà di Filosofia
Fondazione G. Gentile
Via Carlo Fea, 2 - 00161 - Roma

Frederic Tremblay (SUNY at Buffalo) - Vice President

Frederic Tremblay is instructor and PhDcandidate in philosophy at the University at Buffalo, USA. He specializes inontology and metaphysics, with competencies in ancient Greek metaphysics,especially Aristotle, and twentieth century German metaphysics, especially N.Hartmann, as well as various topics in contemporary ontology narrowly understoodas a theory of categories.

Department of Philosophy
SUNY at BuffaloPark Hall, 117
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150
United States

Advisory Board

Eugen Kelly


Andreas Kinneging

Joachim Fischer


Carlos Matheus



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